Wash/Out Policy

At AAA Truck Wash we are the leaders in providing fleets the services that they require to get the next load and back on the road. In order to provide consistent service among all AAA Truck Wash locations we have adopted a standard of quality for truck washes and washouts.

Our equipment is serviced and maintained daily by the operators at each location. Our high pressure washes can run from 1000 to 1500 PSI for optimal wash-out. The floor is then rinsed with clean water and or soaps, walls and ceilings are done upon request of the driver.

We will also preform wash-outs on other types of trailers that are not reefers or boxes. For example cattle trailers, bottom dumps, walking floors and etcetera require additional work due to the various shapes and sizes of these trailers. Also note that some residue may remain from any previous loads due to the nature of the trailer

Drivers should inspect their truck/trailer(s), after the washing service has been preformed, this is to ensure they have received a quality wash, which meets their satisfaction. AAA Truck Wash assumes no responsibility for any condition to the truck/trailer(s) once they have left our location. This includes any residue left in the interior of the trailer(s).