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AAA Truck Wash was founded by Tarlochan Sohal, who had over thirty years of experience in the truck washing industry. He found that truckers were traveling long distances between unloading and loading their truck and trailers. This was a major concern, as the vehicles needed to be washed out and cleaned before new freight could be loaded and delivered to their destination point.

To help solve this problem, Tarlochan expanded his business by building new Truck Wash Facilities, on the routes most used by the trucking industry. His employees were trained in the latest washing techniques and were provided with the latest up to date equipment.

Tarlochan extended hours of operation, to accommodate long haul truckers and provided complimentary services, such as tire repair and replacement, lube and oil changes, and eating facilities at his AAA Truck Wash Centers.

In-order to serve Fleet Transportation concerns, he created a Centralized Billing Department. This eliminated the need for drivers using the AAA Truck Wash Centers, of carrying large sums of Cash or using Credit Cards, COM Cards, or T Checks.

The foresight and vision of Tarlochan Sohal, provided a smooth transition from clean freight hauling trucks and trailers, to their point of loading and destinations. His Truck Wash Services keep in tune with the Vehicle Maintenance Program of Independent and Fleet drivers alike.


Why AAA Truck Wash?

AAA Truck Wash, your number one choice for all your Washing needs. We can provide a range of cleaning programs of the highest quality no matter what your vehicle and fleet size. With 30 years of experience in commercial vehicle cleaning we have the expertise and knowledge of what it takes to keep your fleet looking clean and vibrant no matter how big or small.

AAA Truck Wash can cater to your Truck washing needs in California, Washington and Missouri. For more information regarding our company or Fleet Washing, please feel free to browse our website or contact us.

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